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Monday, March 27, 2017

UnEnchanted- The Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series Book 1

16 year-old Mina Grime is just an average teenager living in a small apartment above a Chinese restaurant. Her family continuously is moving every time anything important happens. One day, Mina is on a field trip to a bakery. No big deal, right? But that field trip ends with Mina's crush, Brody Carmichael, almost falling over the balcony rails, only to be saved by Mina. Brody's parents are rich and important, so she is considered a hero. But Mina has noticed something is wrong. She finds a book called the Grimoire and is suddenly the one who is responsible for ending the Story's tales that have plagued the name of Grimm for centuries. But ever since the infamous Grimm brothers, her family has been failing to do so. Will she be the one to end the curse before it passes to her young brother?
I totally loved this entire series! It is not Christian at all, and there is some kissing, but nothing too major. The entire series is self-published and there are some grammar mistakes, but the author is so good! I give it four stars. There are five books in the series, so be watching for their reviews!
By Chanda Hahn

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Homelanders Series- Reviewed by Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M BACK, FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No applause? None at all?
Here's a book review- just to show that I actually do still care about all the viewers. :)

The Homelanders Series-The Last Thing I Remember
By Andrew Klavan
AKA- the best book ever.

Charlie West is a normal teenager with a normal life, normal friends, and a black belt in karate!
Or, he was- before he wakes up covered in blood, with a year of his memory gone. He's trapped in a small room, and outside the door he hears these words- "He doesn't know anything. Kill him." After a narrow escape, Charlie happens to catch a glimpse of his own image- on a WANTED poster.

To the rest of the country, he is a killer.
But a few scraps of memory may have provided him with knowledge that may save America.


PS- READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Road To You by Alicia Whitaker

Image result for the road to you by alicia whitaker cover artThe Road To You
By Alica Whitaker
Reviewed by Alexandra


         Bird Barrett is a country singer who just hit it big. She's heading out on tour with a famous singer. She meets many other famous actors, actresses, singers and songwriters. But when another fairly new artist, Kayelee Ford, also starts to gain fame, there are rumors of a rivalry between the two. This book is all based on Bird gaining fame, overcoming little struggles, and is not very deep. It is not a Christian book and there is some sexual content between Bird and her boyfriend Kai. There is not much swearing, but the few times there is it is bad. I really liked the main character, and I loved the book because it was all about music. I give it four out of five stars.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Harsh Pink by Melody Carlson

Reviewed by: Gray


      What would you do to be popular? Most importantly, who would you hurt?
That is the question that the new girl Reagan finds herself having to answer, when Kendra, the most popular girl in school invites her to be part of her group. At first Reagan is excited, a new school and new cool friends. But then after a tragic accident, a prank gone too far, and a party gone wrong, Reagan begins to see that acceptance with the cool kids has a steep price. And she no longer knows if it's worth it…

     My ratings:
Christian or non-Christian? Christian, very Christian.
Swearing: None!
Romance: Barely.

    I give this book five stars!!!! And that is kinda rare with me… I'd recommend this book for thirteen and up, because I feel like it might go over younger kids heads. This book is about the dangers of popularity and following the crowd. I would totally read it again, and speaking of re-reading that…

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rites of Passage

Reviewed by: Gray

I am not that weepy fangirl… but parts of this book had me bawling like a baby! Ugh! You know that feeling you get when you finish a really good book and you're still stuck in that world?!? Yeah, that's me right now. I swear, this book was more addictive than Stephany Perkin's books!

Ok, book review:

Sam's brother dared her to join a boys only military school right before he committed suicide. Hurting from her brother's death and by the fact that her family doesn't seem to care, Sam takes the dare. She and four other girls enter into what use to be a boys only military school. Sam is tough, she can do it. The only problem is that the school doesn’t want girls ruining their toughness, so they began pushing for them to leave. At first Sam remains strong, but then the pushing turns into shoving, until it's apparent that there is something much more sinister going on than just sexism.

Christian or non-Christian? Non-Christian for sure.
Swearing: Like a sailor, err, I mean solider!
Romance: Hints here and there, but it gets more intense as the story continues, but it never goes past kissing (no making out either).

I'd say that this book is awesome! Four out of five stars!! I would've given it five, but the swearing…. :(
Would I let my eleven (soon to be twelve), year old brother read this? No. I'd say fourteen and up, but really it depends on one's maturity and beliefs. Bad words in books don't bother me that much, but I know that for several people that they consider it a HUGE offense! But this was good, really, really, really good!!! I think that despite the bad words that it's worth the read, it's just so beautiful and inspirational, and you really feel like you're right there in the story!
But I'll let you decide on that.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Book Review
The Princess Diaries (warning, don't read them)
Reviewed by Alexandra

       I hated this series so much. It was so terrible. Mia learns that her dad is the Prince of Genovia and she is the princess. She is forced to take lessons on how to be a proper princess, and in the meantime reporters are everywhere, school enemies are fighting for her attention, and friendships are tested. There is lots of sexual talk, and it drove me crazy, I stopped after I think the third book, I give it one star out of five. But that's only because I'm not sure if it is within the rules to give it zero. I'm warning you, don't read these books
Tracy Deebs
Tera Lynn Childs
Reviewed by Alexandra

          Kenna lives in a world of superheroes. Her mom's a scientist and very influential in the superhero world. Other kids Kenna's age have superpowers, like mind control or power to bring winds. Kenna has to get a shot every week to have anything remotely close to a superpower. One night, she leaves the lab to get chocolate from the vending machine, (I love chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)when she sees someone that has never been in the lab before. Draven is a villain, and he is looking for something. Kenna gets pulled into the world of the villains, trying to help one find his missing brother. She discovers that the heroes are torturing him for information. Draven, Kenna, Draven's cousin Dante, Kenna's best friend Rebel, and their friend Nitro work together to get Dante's brother Deacon free from the clutch of the heroes. Kenna learns that the heroes have evil intentions and are torturing and killing villains. It's kind of a backward thing.
       I only give this book three out of five stars because of the continuous cussing. The story is really good, but the cussing is unenjoyable. It's one of those things I would never ever ever let my little siblings read even when they're eighteen because of the cussing. Call me overprotective, but I could hardly flip a page without seeing a cuss word. The book has a sequel, called Relentless. I read it too, and the language is a little worse, but there is a whole lot of kissing. It doesn't go past kissing though for which I am thankful or I would not be able to finish the awesome story that is hiding underneath. If you took out all the cussing it would be my favorite book ever.